MX-One TSW / MD110

MX-ONE Telephony Switch (TSW) also known as MD110 BC13, now in passive sustaining.

Last Service pack is 8

End of 2014 no new license purchases possible.

Now  refered to as MX-ONE Telephony Switch (hybrid IPBX)

As of July 2010  BC12 add on licenses no longer available.


MX-One TSE Current release

MX One TSE  V6 SP1  (check with your partner for the very latest release of service pack).

Version 6 expected SP2 end of Q3 2015.




Latest Info links
Version 5 SP3 to SP5 Summary of additional functionality  pdf
MX-One V5 technical presentation including virtualization (pdf)
MX-One V5 Features and Functions  (link)

MX-One Resilience Descriptions for Network and server configurations (link)

Sept 09 V4 and roadmap for TSE
Sept 2008 roadmap for MX-ONE TSW and TSE.
Product resources
Link to the members home page of Ericsson MD110 User Group

MX-One platform from Mitel

MX-One platform

Aastra MX-ONE™
The MX-ONE can be offered in two main forms - Telephony server  (TSE) or as Telephony switch (TSW) (BC13).

Existing users may have MD110 or MX-ONE TSW installed, MD110 users i.e. BC12 and prior variants are offered migration options (upgrades). TSW offers a hybrid IP/TDM solution. Aastra offer the TSW option for existing clients and have committed to fully support the TSW platform until 2015. Clients with a convergence agenda will be attracted to upgrade to MX-ONE TSE platform, this places emphasis on IP and SIP enabling them to maximise their existing investment whilst taking full advantage of IP convergence at an application level.

Information on existing client options for upgrading are contained in the existing client link.

It is very important to understand that Aastra can offer all existing clients seamless upgrades no matter how old their existing MD110 implementation is. 

In a new build environment then the majority of clients today are looking at a server based platform and the majority of IP based users. The MX-ONE TS is the Aastra solution of choice. 
The Aastra MX-ONE is based on an open software and hardware environment and uses standard servers with a Linux SUSE operating system. It takes your communication from a TDM-circuit-switched based solution to the communication of the future: a converged-voice-and-data-IP based communication system.

The MX-One Lite  is capable of supporting almost a thousand IP users in one 3U module. The MX-ONE provides a wide range of hardware options to ensure maximum flexibility for existing or new users and caters for anything between 50 and 500,000 ports (see data sheets for details).

The MX-ONE Telephony System consists of two basic components:
the server and the media gateway.
In the Aastra MX-ONE architecture, a server and several media gateways can be combined to form either a complete stand-alone system or used as components in a larger multi-server system. Using the latest Aastra MX-ONE version up to 15 media gateway units and 15000 SIP users can reside on a single server and up to 124 servers can be combined in a single system with up to 500 000 users.

Aastra MX-ONE Manager Applications
MX-ONE offers a complete range of applications for administrators and end-users. From the users’ and an operation and maintenance point of view, MX-ONE acts as one system. Management is handled centrally in terms of operation and maintenance and the solution is based on modern principles familiar to an IT operations center.
MX-ONE Manager is a complete Management Suite:

MX-ONE Manager Telephony System for configuration of system functions
MX-ONE Manager Provisioning for user configuration data
MX-ONE Manager Availability for system performance management
MX-ONE Manager Provisioning handles all user and service related tasks for the  entire solution from one and the same GUI.
New users will be defined for all relevant applications, such as MX-ONE Manager Telephony System, MX-ONE Messaging, AMC and CMG. There is no need to switch between different tools when defining new users.
MX-ONE Manager Provisioning integrates with the company IT department via a SOAP-based API. Security is provided via TLS based HTTPS.

Aastra MX-ONE - Optional Applications  (CMG, Solidus and Messaging)

The user-friendly Aastra Contact Management Suite (CMG) offers you a wealth of tools, such as instant messaging, corporate directories, call logs and presence profile management. Aastra CMG is integrated with Microsoft Office/Outlook, Lotus Domino/Notes and Novell/GroupWise. CMG’s PC-based attendant is designed to help people with impaired vision.
A sophisticated and modular multimedia contact center solution, Aastra Solidus eCare, integrates with existing infrastructures as well as with customer business processes and applications. Based on Aastra MX-ONE, it provides unrivaled customer service across all media, unique skills-based routing and agent desktop applications. And cost-effectiveness beyond compare.
The introduction of CSTA V3/XML, in combination with SIP, offers existing customers better integration for Unified Communications applications. It enables them to introduce new presence engines that use interfaces based on open standards.
For total control of all your messages, Aastra MX-ONE Messaging offers everything from basic voicemail to a comprehensive unified messaging and fax system. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise.


We encourage any feedback on the main systems that we can share with members. Core systems have no reported significant problems. We address any end user issues in the closed sessions at our regular meetings.

We also ask our members to register feedback on major projects/updates undertaken to enable us to identify any collective issues.

For obvious reasons most of the focus has been on the TSE varient of the MX-One with the roadmap for the core system being broadly adhered to by Mitel.